(Mary Evans/Epic/Tallandier)

 ABOVE: Dali pictured as a young child.

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Girona, Spain. Nine months before he was born, his older brother, born in October 1901, had died of gastroenteritis. In 1908, the same year his sister, Anna Maria, was born, Dali found himself at the local state primary school where his father, Salvador Dali Cusi, and his mother, Felipa Domenech Ferres, had enrolled him. Things did not quite

work out as planned and, in 1910, Dali Senior moved his son to the Immaculate Conception – a Hispano-French school in Figueres where he began learning French. Dali’s father, a lawyer and notary, was strict in comparison to his mother, who encouraged her son’s artistic talents. However, he was also on the receiving end of some fairly difficult family beliefs. At the age of five, Dali was

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