taken by his parents to his brother’s grave and told that he was the reincarnation of their oldest son, also named Salvador. Later in his works, Dali would incorporate the image of his dead older sibling. By the age of 12, Dali had discovered Impressionism. This came as a result of the young boy’s time spent with the Pichot family at the Moli de la Torre estate in Cadaqués. Around this time, in 1916, Dali continued his studies – which had been mediocre to this point – at Marist Brothers’ School. He also began to study under Juan Nunez at the Municipal Drawing School, and three years later took part in a local exhibition at the Municipal Theater (later to become the Dali Theater-Museum). The year was 1919 and, along with some school friends, he founded Studium magazine, as well as starting a personal diary entitled My Personal Impressions and Private Memories . As his interest in art grew, Dali Senior consented to his son studying in Madrid at the Fine Arts School, in order that he could qualify as a teacher. The following year, in 1921, Dali’s mother died and his father married his aunt, Cataline Domenech Ferres. It was a difficult time for Dali, who adored his mother; however, he was not upset by his

 RIGHT:  Federico Garcia Lorca pictured with Dali, c. 1925.  BELOW:  Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Palacio de Goyeneche, Madrid, Spain.


(Mary Evans/Epic/PVDE)

(Public Domain)

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