(LEFTERIS PITARAKIS/AP/Press Association Images) © Salvador Dali, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, DACS, 2013.

 ABOVE:  Salvador Dali’s and Edward James’s Lobster Telephone is seen at the Surreal Things exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.


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to the limit in his pursuit of what would make him unique as an artist. Other animals are also prevalent in Dali’s work, including snails – to depict the human head – ants, portraying death and decay, and locusts to depict fear. He also used the egg as a form of symbolism to portray love and hope. The egg appears in paintings such as The Metamorphosis of Narcissus and The Great Masturbator. He was fascinated by quantum mechanics, which celebrated their birth in the 20 th century, and he was inspired by breakthroughs in new science. Two of his most popular works were Lobster Telephone and Mae West Lips Sofa , which he worked on in collaboration with his patron, wealthy art collector and Surrealist artist, Edward James. Dali was renowned for his pieces that had strong sexual connotations and was convinced there was a close relationship between food and sex. The jewels he created are intricate and exquisite, while his contributions to theater and movies are highly regarded. He was particularly fascinated by dreams and the distortion to reality that they could bring. He ventured into the world of fashion with Italian designer Schiaparelli when he worked on a white dress with lobster print, a shoe-shaped hat, and a belt with lips for the buckle. He also designed perfume bottles and

object d’art, as well as a creation entitled “Costume for the Year 2045,” with Christian Dior. He collaborated with other photographers, such as Beaton, Halsman, and Man Ray, photographing nature as well as more unusual subjects, including a bucket of water. While Dali married Gala, his favorite muse, he was also known to have had affairs with younger muses, including Amanda Lear and Isabelle Collin Dufresne, who both went on to have successful careers in the arts. Isabelle, also known as Ultra Violet, went on to become Andy Warhol’s muse. He in turn was inspired by Dali. Yet, Dali struggled with physical relationships. It is said that despite the fact he was married to Gala for 48 years, he made love to her only once. The rumor was that Dali found horror in the female anatomy. He was more comfortable with the male body, but still shied away from active physical contact, although there are stories of various sexual acts with men and women. Dali was always accompanied by his Russian wife, and he conquered the way in which the world perceived itself with his extraordinary works of art. When Dali was alive, the tiny village of Port Lligat, close to Cadaqués on Spain’s northeastern coast, was a place for “pilgrims.” His architectural achievements include his house in Port Lligat, as well as his theater-museum:

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