(Mary Evans/Epic/Tallandier)

 ABOVE:  The family of Paul Gauguin in the garden of their home in Copenhagen c. 1873-1883.

rebellion by workers. With peasant support, Louis Napoleon was elected president of the Second Republic. This would lead to the establishment of the Second French Empire in 1851, which would last another 20 years. Aline Gauguin was half Peruvian, so when the revolutionaries took hold of the city in 1851 and life became increasingly hostile due to Clovis’s liberalist ideals, the family left Paris bound for Peru. This hard decision was to end in a voyage to the “new world” where Aline was left to bring up her family alone: Clovis Gauguin suffered a heart attack during the journey and died. He was just 35 years old. When Aline Gauguin arrived with Paul and

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, known as Paul, was born in Paris, France, to Clovis Gauguin, a journalist, and Aline Maria Chazal on June 7, 1848. It was also the year that the 1848 Revolution (Third French Revolution) began, part of a wave of European revolutions that ended the Orleans monarchy – which lasted just 18 years – and led to the French Second Republic. Louis-Philippe was overthrown in February 1848 and life in the French capital began to become dangerous for intellectuals like Clovis and Aline, the daughter of socialist leader Flora Tristan. Just a little over two weeks after Gauguin’s birth, the people of Paris rose in insurrection, culminating in the June days, a bloody

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