(Mary Evans Picture Library/Imagno)

Bocklin, Eugene Grasset, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. However, following differences of opinion over artistic concepts, Klimt and a number of other artists left the Secession on June 14, 1905. Symbolism began as a literary concept, but was soon to be found in the works of painters, particularly those who rejected the conventions of Naturalism. These painters believed that art should reflect an emotion or

idea, rather than the natural world in an objective sense. It was believed that the symbolic value or meaning of a work of art stemmed from the emotional experiences of the audience, through color, line, and composition. This led to imaginary dream worlds populated with Biblical characters and figures from Greek mythology. There was a focus on love, sexual awakening, desire, fear, anguish, and death, and women became a favored symbol – as

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