W H A T I S J U J U T S U ?

by large numbers of lower-class foot soldiers, who did not get involved in hand-to-hand fighting. Their exploits do not appear in Japanese chronicles of the day, and their successes and failures are not recounted in epic battle literature. By the 12th century, the samurai were wearing a distinctive type of armor. Samurai armor was made from small iron scales tied together and then lacquered. These scales were joined into armor plates with silk or leather binding cords. This classic armor, which changed little over the centuries, provided a strong, light protection for the body. Its light- ness made it possible for the samurai to move quickly and offensively, Oriental martial arts like jujutsu generally have codes of chivalry attached to them. Despite the undoubted efficiency of the various martial arts, they are often deeply influenced by profound philosophies such as Zen Buddhism.


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