innovations on the world’s largest sporting stages, from World Cups to Super Bowls to hometown gyms and fields. While athletes still perform the tasks we clamor to witness, engineers step in as an intricate behind-the- scenes pit crew. They pull data from sports and turn those bits of information into ideas for new equipment and training practices, along with fascinating new ways for fans to experience sports. This volume of STEM in Sports explores engineering in sports. No part of the sports world will be untouched. Athletes now work with new data and equipment. Teams and leagues push the boundaries to thrill fans. The stadiums and fields of today balance the on- field needs of athletes with the desire to cre- ate a singular fan experience. And then there’s the gear. Oh, the gear. It’s a giant playground of new materials, forms, and functions. The line between engineer and athlete can look big, but as the data-driven world of sports pushes forward, that gap collapses. That pushes STEM directly onto the field of play, on the feet and backs of athletes, and in every environment sports builds.


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