S TEM is the hottest buzzword in education. The letters stand for Science, Technology, Engi- neering, and Math. Those areas of study and work will be at the forefront of business, education, careers, and life for the coming decades. More jobs are opening up in those fields than in any other areas. But as this series shows, STEM is more than just program- ming computers or designing new apps. The concepts of STEM cross over into just about every area of life. In this series, we focus on how STEM is impacting the world of sports. This volume focuses on Science. What is science? A dictionary calls science “knowledge derived from observation, study, and experi- mentation in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied.” That def- inition covers more ground than Mike Trout does in center field! And it leaves as much open to question as soccer’s offside law. In sports, science touches on medicine, nutrition, strength and conditioning, perfor- mance analysis, and much more. Each indi- vidual part of STEM works hand-in-hand with the others, but science seals the deal.


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