S TEM is the hottest buzzword in education. The letters stand for Science, Technology, Engi- neering, and Math. Those areas of study and work will be at the forefront of business, education, careers, and life for the coming decades. More jobs are opening up in those fields than in any other areas. But as this series shows, STEM is more than just pro- gramming computers or designing new mo- bile apps. The concepts of STEM cross over into just about every area of life. In this se- ries, we focus on how STEM is impacting the world of sports. This volume focuses on Technology. What is technology? It’s a pretty broad area, actu- ally. The definition is basically “using science for practical purposes.” That is, turning the ideas of science into the reality of “things.” In sports, that means new devices, new gear, new methods of training, and more. The goal for all of these STEM-related developments is to help athletes improve and help teams win. Sports fans benefit, too, as technology has made following and rooting for teams much easier and more involving.


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