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Etiquette for Success: Dining

Regardless of the situation, whether you are eating outside at a barbecue or in a classy restaurant, good manners should always be observed when socializing with friends and family.

before you sit down at the table, by understanding how to select a menu or place to eat with respect and fairness. You’ll also learn about the many different dietary, cultural, and personal factors that come into play when deciding on what to eat, where to eat, and how to eat with your friends and loved ones. The nitty gritty of proper dining rests on having good table manners. (Hint: you probably shouldn’t rest your elbows on the table!) In this book, you’ll be given a thorough and practical guide on how to eat politely, dress appropriately for the meal, treat other diners with respect, and set a table properly for the occasion, whether it’s a formal luncheon or a backyard barbecue.


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