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Etiquette for Success: Dining If you’re out in a restaurant, knowing how to treat the restaurant staff with respect is just as important as treating your fellow table mates with respect. This book will teach you how to order meals, appetizers, and drinks with tact, and how to handle sticky dining situations (like sending back food) with poise and courtesy. Eating delicious food is just one part of the dining experience—the other part is the conversation you have while enjoying your meal. This book will give you some tips on how to improve your listening and communication skills, engage in relevant and polite conversation, and involve everyone at your table in a lively and pleasant discussion that serves to enhance the experience of a shared meal. Lastly, you’ll learn how to approach what can sometimes be the most awkward part of dining out: paying for the meal. From leaving the right tip to splitting the check, this book will show you that settling a bill doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as commercials and television shows often make it out to be. So, whether you’re eating dinner with your family, grabbing brunch with your closest friends, getting to know a date over a romantic meal, or taking an important client out for a business lunch, this book will help you approach each situation with poise, confidence, and class. So let’s raise our glasses, make a toast, and dig in!

Text-Dependent Questions 1. How did our earliest ancestors find their food? 2. Why is eating with company an important tradition? 3. Why is it important to treat your table mates with respect?

Research Project Write an essay on why good etiquette when dining is important, regardless of when and where you are eating.


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