Etiquette for Success: Social Situations life, you’ll also learn some helpful ideas about how to act during a funeral and different ways that you can extending a comforting hand to those struggling with loss. Honoring life, of course, can also be a celebratory and joyful act. You’ll learn what it means to have good etiquette while attending parties of all varieties, including work parties, birthday parties, and more, so that you’ll be the kind of invitee that others want to see RSVP’ing! And because your social life may introduce you to new experiences within your community, or perhaps take you around the world, you’ll also be taught how to practice good etiquette while participating in hobbies you love or going on vacation. Lastly, you’ll get an introductory course to proper etiquette for different venues such as concert halls and theaters. No matter who you meet or where you go in life, having qualities like poise, generosity, and friendliness will help you succeed socially and personally. In fact, enjoying such success can even be considered your birthright and a part of your human history.

So clear your calendar and let’s get going!

Text-Dependent Questions 1. How did our earliest ancestors live? 2. At what age do babies become aware of themselves? 3. What are the qualities of good etiquette?

Research Project Write an essay on the daily life and social structure of our ancient ancestors in the Stone Age.


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