unhealthy patterns become more obvious over time and may develop into a full-blown substance abuse disorder. Paying attention to early warning signs can prevent a larger problem from developing later. Just remember, the earlier you intervene, the better. As a teen yourself, you are in your friend’s social circle and therefore you may see the drinking problem before adults (parents or teachers) see it. If you suspect a problem with alcohol, talk to your friend or an adult in your friend’s life. Why People Abuse Alcohol How does alcohol abuse start? How does a person go from having an occasional drink to a serious alcohol addiction? The answer is not simple because alcoholism is a complex mixture of genetics , social factors, and psychological makeup. (Psychology relates to the mind and corresponding behavior.) The following sections provide more information. Stress Busting Stress relief is actually the number one reason people turn to alcohol. A person may need to escape a stressful situation at school, in their family or in an intimate relationship, or at their job. Rather than turning to alcohol, healthy ways of de-stressing, such as exercising or reading a good book, are better coping methods. Age The younger a person is when he or she begins drinking, the more likely that person is to having an alcohol problem when they are older. Early on, drinking becomes comfortable, and the developing body also builds up an alcohol tolerance.


What is Alcohol Addiction?

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