Did Frank Abagnale really escape a VC10 jetliner by removing the toilet or finding a hatch in the kitchen area? Airline experts say this is impossible.

the station house while he remained there. She distracted the police, and he simply sashayed out the door, and she followed. The two walked away from the station together, got into a waiting car, and drove away. As we’ll explore in this book, Abagnale’s truth consists of petty crimes, the occasional felony, suspicions of mental illness by his family, and at least one case of stalking that an airline stewardess did not report to the police because at that time, stalking wasn’t a crime. Today, Frank Abagnale heads a successful consulting company. He resides in Charleston, South Carolina. He eventually got married, and the union has lasted. The couple has three children. Abagnale’s firm addresses the topics of financial risk and safety, and Abagnale helps other companies create a safer environment, reduces their fiscal losses, and reduces their financial risk. He’s given TED Talks and addressed Google. The con artist of all con artists has built a


Frank Abagnale

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