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younger brothers, Richard G. Abagnale, born in 1953, died in 2006, and Jean Paul Abagnale, born in 1967, died in 2020. When Abagnale was 12, his parents separated. His mother had fallen out of love, but his father remained enamored with his wife and worked to win back her heart. The efforts proved fruitless, and the couple divorced in 1963, when Frank Jr. was 15 years old. In interviews, the con man turned entrepreneur and public speaker has discussed at length how the breakup of his parents affected him. Although it affected all of the children, he claims that it served as the catalyst for his crimes due to the emotional instability it thrust upon his life. Abagnale’s father remarried and moved with the teenaged Frank to a new home with his second wife in Mount Vernon, New York. As with many divorces, the marital dissolution hurt his father’s finances,


Frank Abagnale

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