someone of the same sex. Even a couple of decades earlier, this was seen as an impossible goal. Now you see married, same-sex couples on HGTV. Polyamory, or relationships that involve more than two people, has always been around. While it was blatantly outlawed in some states and countries, this has always been a way that some people have chosen to love. There is more open conversation of polyamorous relationships today than ever before. Some people find that this is an arrangement that they want in every romantic relationship. Sometimes, it is what they want in a specific time of their life, or with specific people. There are also gradients when it comes to levels of attraction. Someone who is asexual may be gay, straight, or something else. They may be romantically attracted to people It’s not even a little uncommon to lack a strong definition of who you are and what you want. This is true at any age. Bisexual people in hetero relationships may wonder if they’re bisexual enough. Someone who is asexual may question whether this is just how they feel right now, or if this is baked into who they are, and will continue to be how they feel for life. Yet another person may find that they can’t quite put a finger on why they don’t always feel at home in the gender they were assigned at birth. All of this is valid. It’s equally valid and normal to have a defined and unshakeable understanding of your sexuality, your gender, and what sorts of relationships you think that you will want. After all, the world is an infinitely varied place, full of unique wonders. You’re one of them. even if they don’t experience attraction sexually. This Is Your Journey, Take It at Your Own Pace

Introduction: Gender Identity and Sexual Expression


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