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interested in childhood development, aggression in adolescence, and evolutionary psychology. He laid the foundation for the field of psychology in America and its future psychologists. By 1914, there were 26 more clinical psychology clinics in America. The American Association of Clinical Psychologists (AACP) was founded in 1917, motivated by a need to create professional standards for administering the Binet intelligence test. Back then, the test was given to students by schoolteachers with no psychological training and by academic psychologists who had no clinical experience. The AACP merged into the APA as its Clinical Section in 1919, then disbanded in 1937 due to disagreement with APA restrictions. It reformed again as the Clinical Section of the new American Association for Applied Psychology (AAAP). In 1945, the AAAP and the APA merged, with

Chapter 1: Clinical Psychology in America


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