Stefani Germanotta performs the Led Zeppelin song “D’yer Mak’er” in NewYork City in 2006.

Working with Lawrence was akin to a teen with some painting talent having the chance to learn fromMichaelangelo or a teen quarterback getting private lessons on throwing a football fromNFL great Tom Brady. Lawrence was that good, and that respected, and squeezing onto his busy calendar was a monumental career booster for Germanotta. Those sessions they spent together were instrumental, inspiring, and mega valuable as he helped mold, refine, and take her voice to territory that had never been explored before. Even after becoming a star years later, she would reconnect with Lawrence and spend hours working with him as Germanotta was relentless in her pursuit of extracting everything out of her skills that she possibly could. “He told me his uncle was a highly respected voice teacher who he thought would like to work with me. I called him up and remember his words, ‘I work with Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera, Bono of U2, Mick Jagger and as the list got larger, I got more excited.”


Lady Gaga

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