(phyllo pastry with nuts and honey) and the eggplant-based dish moussaka, people enjoy eating and are never in a rush to be finished with their meal. The main staples of the cuisine in the Athens area include street foods, such as shaved meats, souvlaki , plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as olives, spices, herbs, feta cheese, and Greek salads. Since bread is a staple at every meal, many Greek people enjoy dipping it in olive oil or tzatziki sauce, which is a mixture of Greek yogurt, cucumbers, spices, and sour cream. The shaved meat is made of lamb or a combination of lamb and beef and is served with a side of sauce. The meat is cooked on a rotisserie then shaved off the roll. It is often served in a gyro , which means it is wrapped in pita bread with tzatziki

Souvlaki is the simplest of Greek favorites—just meat grilled on a skewer.

Chapter 1: Attica, Athens & the Islands


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