> Great for building lean muscle. Integrated with strength training, it makes the overall programmuch more efficient. By doing strength training, your body becomes more insulin-sensitive due to heavy resistance triggering anabolic hormones. Therefore, lift weights at a high intensity with small recovery to reap the most benefits in a short amount of time. Maximal intensity: 90–100 percent of maximumheart rate The rate of exchange that marks the limit of your body’s ability to recycle oxygen and keep your muscles working is known as your VO2 max . There are benefits to training at this intensity, but this intensity level will be difficult tomaintain for extended periods. Therefore, build up to this level gradually throughout your training as your fitness improves. ABRIEF OVERVIEWOF DIFFERENT TYPES OF HIGH-ENERGYWORKOUTS It seems the fitness industry comes upwith a newvariation on high energyworkouts every day. With increasing competition between gyms,

High-energy workouts come in many varieties, but are primarily conducted in a group setting.


What Are High-EnergyWorkouts?

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