Is muscle confusion real? The question is addressed in this video.

THE CONCEPTOF “MUSCLE CONFUSION” Gyms and trainers often claim that the constant variation of high intensitymovements causes “muscle confusion” as if it’s a great thing that your body needs. However, muscles aren’t capable of being confused (as they don’t think!). In reality, muscles respond to the specific demands you give them. Your body can only adapt to consistency . Otherwise, it doesn’t get the message that it’s important to change. For example, if you ask your bicep to lift 15 pounds, it’ll exert the exact amount of effort to overcome that force. Repeat that same effort over and over again, and your muscles adapt. At that point, it’s time to overload that samemovement by addingmore weight, changing the tempo, or completingmore repetitions. This core exercise principle is known as progressive overload . While it’s possible to progressively overload high-intensity workouts, it’s rarely done. You need a good coach tomeasure your exact sets, reps, and intensity andmodify themover time. Unfortunately, groupworkouts cater to themasses, andmost instructors/videos don’t invest in the individual.



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