Health Benefits Of all the health benefits associatedwith high-energy workouts, the fat-burning potential is likely the biggest draw. These programs combine varying exercise intensities, helpingmaintain consistent, elevated output. Moreover, many of them incorporate resistance training. Buildingmuscle during these workouts helps you burn fat when you’re not at the gym. Studies show that prolonged low-intensity exercise can burn fat, but when you’ve only got 30minutes to an hour, high-intensity intervals and resistance training are key. Obviously, you can’t go all out all of the time. Bymixing in different intensities, movements, and styles during one session, many find it easier to sustain a certain output. Push your mental and physical limits just long enough, and you’ll get a rest period…right before ramping

High-energy workouts vary the intensity of the exercise throughout the course of a session.


What Are High-EnergyWorkouts?

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