People are often obsessed with how they physically look on the outside, but they neglect how they mentally feel on the inside.

Don’t think for a second that taking care of your body and aspiring to look great are not worthwhile goals. Your body is designed tomove and perform in some incredible ways, andworking hard to improve and maintain its function is of the utmost importance. In fact, a significant portion of this book will be dedicated to providing youwith effective ways to improve your physical fitness. However, this book goes beyond equipping youwith knowledge to sustain your physical fitness. It also examines several really great methods to ensure yourmental fitness is being attended to as well. You have probably heard of some of thewell-knownmental benefits of physical exercise, such as increased endorphin release, and there are a greatmany of them. Some of the ideas we break downwill certainly build on themerits of physical activity as away to fortify your body andmind. However, therewill also be amuch-needed portion of our discussion regardingmethods and techniques designed to directly exercise your mind. Killing two birds with one stone is usually theway to go, but just like emphasizing your workout routine to build a particularmuscle group, sometimes improving yourmental fitness requires your full attention!


Fitness is More Than a Physical Pursuit

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