the meteors that enter the earth’s atmosphere burn up. Thermosphere: The next level is called the thermosphere. The thermosphere is located approximately 311–621 miles (500 to 1,000 km) above the earth’s surface. This is the layer that absorbs UV radiation and X-rays from the sun. Even though this area of the atmosphere absorbs heat, the air is so thin that it’s freezing cold. The thermosphere is where most of our satellites orbit the earth. This is also the area where the aurora borealis (the northern and southern lights) occur. Exosphere: The exosphere is the next layer that comprises the earth’s atmosphere. This layer is located between 62,000–120,000 miles (99,799 to 193,121 km) above the earth. This layer is considered by many experts to be the last section between the earth’s atmosphere and outer space. The air in the exosphere is incredibly

Learn all about what causes aurora borealis in this short video.



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