This information can be helpful for test preparation. Because music and memory are linked, creating a song using words, facts, or equations can make studying both easier and more fun. Because of music’s impact on the brain and body, movie score composers use psychoacoustics to give subtle background clues. In the movie Jaws , everyone feels the suspense that builds when the musical theme begins to play in the background. As the music speeds up, so does the listener’s heart rate. In a similar fashion, a romantic comedy wouldn’t feel so romantic if the music in the background of every kissing scene sounded like it belonged in a horror movie. Instead, it might signal some impending doom. And how strange would it seem for circus music to play in the background of a tragic movie scene? In movie scores, the music is intended to intensify the emotions and to convey information that the movie, itself, could not. It is meant to evoke a strong emotional response to the movie so that audiences are encouraged to watch it again and again. MOOD MUSIC The music we choose to listen to says a lot about who we are and how we are feeling in the moment. Fast music with a strong beat can get blood pumping before a sporting event. A sweet lullaby can lull a baby to sleep. A sad song can bring us solace after a breakup. Music can bring out romantic feelings or provide an outlet for anger. It can soothe anxiety. Music is an incredibly powerful tool for experiencing and shaping human emotions.



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