Golfers carry clubs with different loft angles, which determines the altitude the ball will attain when struck.

When struck with the proper fundamentals of a golf swing, the increased angle on the club face of a 9-iron will result in a much higher ball trajectory, which will cause the ball to travel around 130 yards 0.12 kilometers (km) for a typical amateur golfer, as opposed to an average of 220 yards (0.2 km) with a driver. The sheer power potential of a driver is why players use that club when striking the ball from a tee to travel as far as possible. Consequently, the higher loft of a 9-iron or similarly lofted club makes it a good choice when aiming for the green. SHARP SHOOTING Success in golf often comes down to not only spin mastery and impact velocity but how various actions of the human body work in sync (the swing) to successfully manipulate other aspects of our world (the path of the ball).



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