community. In fact, they’re encouraged to pursue anthropology because women bring a unique perspective to the field.


There are many areas of focus in anthropology, but most anthropologists agree that there are four main specialties.

Cultural anthropologists study patterns of learned behavior in different cultures. They use a research method called ethnography that incorporates fieldwork (going to the place where the group lives) and participant observation to obtain a better understanding of that culture and

Some biological

anthropologists, who are known as primatologists, study primates.

to compare and contrast it with other cultures. Cultural anthropologists are also known as social anthropologists . Biological anthropologists study how humans have evolved (and continue to evolve)

from other primates (e.g., lemurs, monkeys, apes) and their living and fossil relatives. They also study how humans have adapted to different environments. Some biological

anthropologists, who are known as primatologists , study primates, who are considered the closest living relatives of humans. By studying primates, we can learn a lot about human evolution. Jane Goodall is a


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