If the GP determines that a patient has a serious issue with their heart, digestion, knee, or other system or part of the body, they refer the patient to a medical specialist. For example, a patient who is having a lot of trouble with hay fever or other allergies would be referred to an allergist. If tests determine that a patient has cancer, the GP will refer them to an oncologist. If the patient complains of feeling sad or depressed, the doctor may refer them to a psychiatrist. There are nearly fifty medical specialties, according to the AMA. You can view a list of them at https://freida.ama-assn.org/specialty. Additionally, Chapter 2: Terms of the Trade provides definitions for many medical specialties.

Learn what it’s like to work in medical research


Doctors have a variety of choices when it comes to jobs. Most work in medical offices or hospitals, while others work in nursing homes, outpatient care centers , and laboratories and other research facilities. You’ll find doctors on the sidelines of sporting events working as sports physicians, on television and radio hosting shows discussing medicine and personal health, and near the front lines of battles,


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