The Balochistan black bear is a subspecies of the Asian black bear. It is native to southern Pakistan.

Flora and Fauna Pakistan has a rich abundance of flora and fauna . The country abounds with birds and reptiles. Bird species like partridges, falcons, hawks, and golden eagles are found throughout the country, as are reptiles, like pythons and cobras. Over 6,000 plant species grow in Pakistan, mainly along the fertile Indus River Valley. Plants include wild versions of olive, cherry, almond, and fig trees, as well as pistachio trees and an abundance of spring-blooming flowering plants. Animals native to Pakistan include wild cats, leopards, wolves, hares, and porcupines. A type of goat known as a markhor is Pakistan’s national animal. Mountain Ranges Did you know that five of the fourteen highest mountain peaks in the world are in Pakistan? Most of them can be found in the Karakoram mountain range, which is part of the Himalayan range of peaks. Many of these mountaintops are over 22,000 feet (7,000 meters) tall, including K2, the highest peak, which is situated on the


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