Mixtapes While you might think of a mixtape as a set of your favorite songs on a playlist you burned to a CD or DVD, in the music business though, it refers to rough cuts of various songs an artist has in the works. The songs on a mixtape may or may not end up on a future album. They show fans that an artist has entered the studio and started working on songs. Mixtapes often feature numerous collaborations. Record companies encourage their songwriters and helps produce a larger body of work than an individual songwriter would create alone. All of the songs an artist writes contribute to their catalog. A UGUST 26 TH (Released May 12, 2016) The mixtape’s title, “August 26,” referred to the intended release date of Stoney , his first album. The album got delayed and did not hit stores until December 9, 2016. Malone blamed himself for the delay, saying he and his production team had run into several problems. Although samples are popular in hip-hop, the entire mixtape featured only one, a sample of the Fleetwood Mac hit “Dreams,” used on Hollywood Dreams/Come Down. artists to work with other songwriters and producers. This process develops them as

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