and can regenerate, such as skin. They absorb nutrients from the digestive tract , so that the body can remain in good health. These tissues absorb the remaining nutrients from the kidneys and filter out the waste. They form glands that secrete hormones in the body.

Connective Tissues These tissues are made of three types of fibers— collagenous, reticular, and elastic. As their name suggests, they connect

one part of the body with another. Blood, bones, tendons and ligaments, and cartilage are examples of connective tissues. Functions

Connective tissues store nutrients. They also cover

the organs and protect them. These tissues provide structure, strength, and support to the body. Muscle Tissues

Skeletal MuscleTissue


Muscle tissues are made of cells that are able to contract and relax to allow movement. They provide flexibility to the body and help in carrying blood and food to the body organs.

Blood vessel

Muscle fiber



Endomysium Epimysium


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