W e live in a world of technology, a vast world that is interconnected in a great variety of ways—through the internet, cell phones, television, radio, oral history, and the printed word. Most of us live in or near large urban centers and assume that most of the world’s civilizations are very similar to ours. What many of us city dwellers forget is that there remain indigenous jungle peoples around the globe who live very different lives than we do. Hundreds of these tribes share the Earth with us, and the more that we learn about them, themore important it becomes to protect their rights and advocate for their fair treatment. They range from peoples who are fully assimilated into the neighboring civilization to a few tribes that are still completely wild. This book will introduce you to four different jungle tribes who live in four distinct regions of the world. Each of the tribes live in the world’s largest jungles, and each tribe has been chosen because of its unique and interesting history. The main tribes we will discuss include the Brazilian Amazon region’s Acre Tribes, Papua


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