Chapter One The Importance of Good Etiquette in the Workplace

A s a teenager, you may not be thinking much about getting a job right now. Perhaps school, sports, extracurricular activities, and hanging out with your friends and family take up most of your attention, energy, and time. This is perfectly normal. Not having to worry about paying bills, saving for retirement, and other stressful aspects of adulthood is a great part about being a kid. Enjoy it! But at some point down the line, you’ll be joining the workforce. Whether you take on a part-time job after school, work during college to help pay for your education, or wait until after your schooling is over to begin a new career , eventually you’ll need (and likely want) to seek out gainful employment.

Why Does Good Etiquette Matter at Work? Whenever you end up getting a job, hopefully it’ll be an occupation that you enjoy. Loving what you do (instead of just doing something to make money) can have a huge positive impact on your life and health. After all, jobs don’t just give us an income. They can also give us a sense of purpose and direction. Jobs give us the ability to help others by providing meaningful services and products. Having a job is also a great way to contribute to your family, community, and society. Plus, a fulfilling job can be a powerful way to express yourself creatively and intellectually. It is truly a gift to earn a living. In addition to finding a job you love and one that can help you support the lifestyle you want, it’s also wise to understand what it means to have good etiquette on the job. Having good etiquette is about


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