Guardian Angels St.Thomas Aquinas, the 13th-century Italian priest and philosopher, wrote that “from the very moment of his birth man has an angel guardian appointed to him.” Almost all religions have a concept that each individual is assigned a type of spirit guide to help them through life.Ancient Sanskrit writings refer to angels and angiras (Hindu supernatural beings). In early Mesopotamia (3200 BC–539 BC), a former region in the eastern Mediterranean, people believed in beings called the shedu and the lamassu who protected them.Ancient Egypt’s hierarchy of neteru (gods/goddesses) has been compared to Christianity’s angels. Islam states that every person is protected by two angels. In Hebrew, malakh is the word for angel and basically means “messenger.” The Buddhist equivalent of angels is devas, or celestial beings.

1:14). God sends the angels to help man bring about God’s will. In the Bible, they deliver the news of the birth of Jesus. From early days of Christian history, angels have been depict- ed as having wings and halos. But in reports of contact with spiritual guardians, these entities are often a presence without a definite form.

The ScientificTake: TheThird Man Factor

This sensing of an unexplained presence has been reported many times throughout history. Scientists call the phenome- non “TheThird Man Factor.” Often the sensation that a guard- ian or angel is present to a person occurs in extreme survival situations. One theory is that in moments of severe stress, trauma, or sleep deprivation, the brain may have a coping mechanism that produces an inner, imagined character who provides comfort. Studies performed on people with brain

In ancient Mesopotamia, the lamassu was depicted as having a human head, a body of an ox or a lion, and a bird’s wings.



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