The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans, and Houska Castle near Prague in the Czech Republic are some of the most frequently named places for ghost sightings in the world.

been sightings of ghost ships—entire vessels that have disappeared ages ago that reappear as phantom images. Some believe that spirits are a residual energy of a traumatic event that is somehow etched in the fabric of time.The ghosts seem to appear on the anniversary of the event. Since Eastern Airlines Flight 401 fell from the sky into the Everglades in Florida in 1972, the pilot and flight engineer have supposedly returned to haunt other Eastern Airlines flights, sometimes warning the crew of danger. In one instance, a flight attendant said she saw the deceased engineer’s face in a galley oven. She heard a voice say,“Watch out for fire on this airplane.” During the flight, the plane developed serious engine trouble and had to make an emergency landing.

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