Many gifted architects have worked in Berlin. As a result there are hundreds

St. Nicholas Church Berlin’s oldest district is the St. Nicholas Quarter (Nikolaiviertel), and the oldest building there is St. Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche). The church was built in about 1230, but was badly damaged in the World War II. Much of the quarter, including St. Nicholas Church, was restored in 1987 for Berlin’s 750th anniversary celebrations. The church is now a museum of Berlin history. Charlottenburg Castle The beautiful Charlottenburg Castle (Schloss Charlottenburg) was built in the late 17th century as a summer home for Sophie-Charlotte, wife of King Frederick I (see page 8). Many architects, including Karl Friedrich Schinkel (see page 40), extended the building and it is now about five times its original size. The chapel and some royal apartments are open to the public. The castle also contains museums and galleries.

of splendid buildings in the city.

GERMANIA Nazi leader Adolf Hitler wanted to rebuild Berlin completely. He intended to call his new capital Germania and to fill it with huge buildings that reflected Germany’s power. Architect Albert Speer completed the first of these buildings in 1938—the Chancellery (above) where Hitler worked. The Nazis' defeat in the World War II ended their dreams of Berlin’s reconstruction, and the Chancellery was pulled down by the Soviet army.

Charlottenburg Castle was first called Lutzenburg Castle. It was renamed by Frederick I after his wife, Sophie-Charlotte.


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