Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. It stands in the northeast of

the country on the banks of the River Spree. Berlin is the largest city in Germany, with an area of about 343 square miles (889 sq km) and a population of 3.5 million. The Berlin region, also known as Greater Berlin, extends beyond the city borders and contains about one million more people.

This view of Berlin shows the Brandenburg Gate (right of the semi- circle of trees) and the Reichstag (above the trees by the river).

Division and unity In 1949 Germany and the city of Berlin were divided into two parts— the Communist East and the capitalist West. Both city and country were joined again in 1990, and since then there have been many changes. In Berlin the authorities are working hard to create a fully united city, for example by linking the transport networks of the East and the West.


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