BUILDINGS AND BRIDGES London lost many buildings in the Great Fire and the Blitz during World War II. But the city still contains magnificent architecture from the past as well as some dazzling new structures.

London’s bridge Thirty-three bridges span the Thames in Greater London. The oldest is London Bridge, which was originally made of wood. In 1209 it was replaced by a stone bridge with shops and houses along its sides. This was followed by a granite bridge in 1831, and the present concrete bridge in 1973. The Tower of London The Tower of London contains twenty towers.The White Tower at its center, built by William the Conqueror (see page 8), is the oldest. The Tower of London is home to the Crown Jewels, and is where two of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded.

Tower Bridge, completed in 1894. Machinery in its two huge towers raises the road to let tall ships pass underneath. ⌂

Westminster’s palaces The Palace of Westminster was built by Edward the Confessor and rebuilt

by William the Conqueror. William’s son added Westminster Hall. The palace burned down in 1834, but was later rebuilt and is now known as the Houses of Parliament. Inside is Westminster Hall, which survived the fire.


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