THE PEOPLE OF PARIS About 20 percent of all French people live in Paris. Many were born in the capital, but more moved to Paris to find work. The city is also home to about 350,000 foreigners, from rich business people to new immigrants .

City and suburbs Paris grew from the 19th century, when country people began to arrive looking for jobs in the city’s new industries. At first most of them settled in central Paris. In later years many people moved further out, so the City population shrank. Now the growth of the suburbs has slowed down. Old and young The number of children in the City of Paris is low compared with the rest of France because many families move out to larger houses in the suburbs. The number of old people in the City, especially women, is high. About half of all Parisians live on their own.

Many Paris streets are lined with fashionable cafés. Stylish, chic Parisians enjoy sitting outside and watching the world go by. working in Paris. Relations remain testy at times. Anti-racist groups such as SOS-Racisme try to get people to work together. ⌂ ⌂ An SOS-Racisme march in Paris. The North African immigrants More than 100,000 people from the former French colonies of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco live in Paris. People from these North African lands first came to the city in the 1950s, when there was a shortage of workers. Some French people protested violently against foreigners

slogan of the group, written on the hand- shaped placard, is ‘Hands off my mate’.


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