⌂ In 2014, French president Francois Hollande kicked off the France s’Engage au Sude program, which provides money for programs aimed at promoting French groups working with African and Middle Eastern communities.

From Africa and the Caribbean France also had colonies in West and Central Africa, including Senegal and Benin. Thousands of people from these countries are now Paris residents and many play a big part in the life of the city. Paris also has a large Caribbean population, especially from places such as Martinique and Guadeloupe, as well as the former French colony of Haiti, many of whom call the Chateau Rouge neighborhood home.

PARISIAN JEWS The Jewish population of Paris grew in the late 19th century when refugees from Russian pogroms fled there. Many Jews left Paris during World War II because of persecution . The Jewish population began to grow again in the 1950s, when many North African Jews arrived. The main Jewish Quarter of Paris is in the 4th arrondissement , around the Rue des Rosiers. A large number of North African Jews also live in the Belleville area.

Asian immigrants Asians from the former French colony of Indochina, which included Cambodia, Laos and part of Vietnam, make up another big foreign community in Paris. About 30,000 Asians live in the bustling Asian Quarter, or Chinatown, of the 13th arrondissement. The Belleville area in the 20th arrondissement has a large East Asian population, but is also home to Turks and Armenians.

Members of the Turkish community in Paris meet at cafés like this to chat and to drink strong Turkish coffee. ⌂



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