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 ABOVE:  Salvador Dali pictured in a typically eccentric pose, he was well known for his trademark mustache.

and, therefore, not fixed. He began to reject the idea that time was rigid and used the soft watches as a way of expressing his own beliefs. The elephant and the rhinoceros are also recurring themes in Dali’s work. The rhino, interestingly, symbolized the Virgin Mary for Dali. While soft watches first appeared in one of the artist’s most famous works, The Persistence of Memory (1931), the elephant was introduced in 1944 in Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate One Second before Awakening. Dali remained committed to the influences he gained, and he pushed his own creativity

During a long and illustrious career, Salvador Dali produced more than 1,500 paintings, alongside a great number of drawings, illustrations, lithographs, designs for theater sets, sculptures, and movies. He was also a renowned photographer and fashion designer, noted for his trademark mustache and eccentric forays into the world of Surrealism. The Spanish artist was a great believer in symbolism, and his hallmark “soft watches” are synonymous with his works. As Dali watched a runny piece of Camembert on a hot sunny day, he found his thoughts turning to Einstein’s theory that time is relative

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