For many people today, a diamond engagement ring signifies love and commitment. But that wasn’t always the case. Fewer than 80 years ago, the idea of an engagement ring with a precious stone did not exist. What’s more, people certainly wouldn’t have considered a boring, clear stone like a diamond for that purpose. They would have preferred a colorful ruby, sapphire, or emerald. The year was 1948. Enter a diamond company called DeBeers. It had mines overflowing with diamonds that no one wanted. Diamonds were, of course, known for being the hardest rock on the planet. They had practical purposes in factories and mining; however, there wasn’t a lot of money to be made in those applications. Without a broader target audience to sell their rocks to, they wouldn’t make much money off the mines. They needed a plan. The company decided to convince people that diamonds were desirable, rare, and valuable so they would be willing to pay Becoming an Advertising and Marketing Psychologist


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