In summary, high-energy workouts provide: > Group motivation > Music > An energetic environment > A no-experience-required approach to get moving > Coaching DISADVANTAGES OF

HIGH-ENERGYWORKOUTS As previouslymentioned, a lot of aerobics workouts are done in groups. Unfortunately, this can be tough for novices. Embarking on a newfitness routine is often uncomfortable in itself as you’re pushing your body to new limits. For some, trying newmovements is embarrassing at first. The pressure to keep up can also force you to attempt something before you’re ready. At best, you’re too sore towork out the next day. At worst, you could get hurt. Fortunately, modern technology has a solution. At homemethods such as P90X or Peloton are ideal for those turned off by the social aspect of high-energy workouts.

People that are self-conscious about learning newmovements in front of others might prefer to stick to at-home workouts rather than expose themselves to a group setting.


What Are High-EnergyWorkouts?

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