Where do humans come from? How has human society changed over time? Why are cultures from around the world so different from your own? If you ever find yourself asking these questions, you might be interested in becoming an anthropologist. An anthropologist is a person who studies anthropology, which means the “science of humanity.” It’s a very broad field, and there are many different types of anthropologists. Some anthropologists examine the human body and how it has evolved over time. Other anthropologists are more interested in culture, or the artifacts left behind by societies of the past. Some anthropologists study modern cultures. Being an anthropologist is a rewarding career, but becoming one is not easy. Most anthropologists spend a very long time in school. By the time an anthropologist finishes school, they may already be considered an expert in their field! However, a good anthropologist is always looking to learn more. When the field of anthropology first began, most anthropologists were men. At the time, it was easier for a man to receive the education needed to become a scientist. Unlike men, very few women went to college. This made scientists who were women extremely rare. Even if a woman did manage to get the education she needed, she faced even more challenges. People often didn’t accept that she was as intelligent as the men in her field. They didn’t think she could do as good a job as a man could. Sometimes they even felt she was immoral for not staying in the home, taking care of her family. The first female anthropologists were forced to prove their capabilities in order to be taken seriously. These brave women paved the road for the female anthropologists of the future. They proved that women could be just as successful in anthropology as men. Fortunately, it is now much easier for women to become anthropologists. Today, women are much more accepted within the scientific



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